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Q.  Where is Treasure Coast Makerspace (TCMS) located?

A.  We are currently no longer occupying a physical space, our lease has run out and without further community support and lack of members, everything is in storage.  See CONTACT for information and map.

Q.  What are TCMS operating hours?

A.  TCMS was open 5 days a week 9am - 5pm except major holidays. Members with keys have 24 hours access.

Q.  Will someone be there to show me how to use the tools and equipment?

A.  Yes, we offer safety classes that are required to do work in each shop and individual equipment classes for various pieces of equipment.  Each class is required prior to operating specific equipment.  Please see CLASSES for dates and times offered for Safety and Equipment/Tool classes.

Q.  Do I have to be a member to take a class?

A.  Yes, classes are offered  to our members only.

Q.  What tools/equipment does TCMS provide its members?

A.  We offer a wide variety of tools from welding, lathes, milling machines, panel saws, CNC routers, 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines, embroidery machine and hand tools.  A comprehensive list is provided on our EQUIPMENT page.

Q.  Can I use any tool or equipment at TCMS?

A.  Yes, as long as you've been certified and taken the appropriate safety class.

Q.  Can I reserve time on a machine?

A.  Yes, with your TCMS membership you can call 772-402-4068 and request a machine reservation.  

Q.  How much does a TCMS membership cost?

A.  Please visit our MEMBERSHIP page to see the various pricing

Q.  Can my kids work on projects and take classes at TCMS?

A.  Yes, as long as they are 6 and older.  Please see our current policy for kids under the age of 18 at MEMBERS INFO .

Q.  Does TCMS carry liability insurance?

A.  Absolutely!  We require members and guests at TCMS to sign a release waiver and  for members to take safety classes.  We do not want anyone to experience any type of injury.  Anyone under age 18 must be supervised at all times by an adult.  It is also why we currently do not offer memberships to kids under the age of 6.